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PT. Dynasty Harjo Mukti is a company engaged in the field of advertising, event organiser, and MICE. PT. Dynasty Harjo Mukti concentrated in the consumer services will meet the needs of the field of advertising and event organiser in accordance with the budget and desires of consumers because customer satisfaction is that especially for us. We have agreat hope to realize the dream of the company in areas that we’ve mastered.


DINASTY HARJO MUKTI within 4 sisters company has formed for 30 years when the development of Indonesian creative industry is growing rapidly. Creative world expanding in various areas, it's needed promotion and socialization into the daily life of society. We are organizing events, festivals, exhibitions, advertising, branding, ad creation promotions. More over, we are handling in the field of architecture like the building for promotion in nearly all regions. Those are activities, underlying the establishment of DINASTY HARJO MUKTI


We have a vision became mission & forefront in presenting creative ideas &, backed by innovative excellence information systems and technology in providing business services such as Advertising, Event Organizer, and Agency, Film Production, and supported by a partnership (partners) is best for fulfillment of consumer needs.

Our focus is assisting the development and fulfillment of consumer needs in expressing creative ideas that are innovativeand make it happen according to the needs of the expected consumers in the field of Advertising, Event Organizer and theAgency.

"We are ready to provide the best results and make your expectations come true through our hands"

Event Experiences

Some events in scale of small and large have been done by us. The scope of the event are we fairs, festivals, seminars. Sales Mission, Tourism Tours and Others. The team work for design DINASTY HARJO MUKTI are professional and been experienced in the field.

The process of works and implementation are packed with creativity and innovation based of principles that our client asked. DINASTY HARJO MUKTI has a network that is so broad that can work on events within or outside the country without any obstacles. Furthermore, we will describe the structure of the team are executing the work event and some a examples of the work we've ever done.

Value Of The Events

we did the works value 200 Milion until 12 Bilion Rupiah and the successful persentation was 99%

Advertising Experiences

Publication is the key to success for delivering of information by media. We can provide various types of media advertising for any destination, such as print media, online media, electronic media and media space.

Supported by professional experts from various fields, we are creating and presenting material creatively, informatively and interestingly. Our way to deliver the advertisement kindly to be remembered by public. As we explained, we accommodate ad for any destination, we are working together with local media to help us for campaigning and supporting in media preparation. Because we are aiming to realize our purpose and realizing the great job of advertisement.

Value of The Advertising Projects

We did the works value 200 Milion until 16 Bilion Rupiah and the successful presentation was 99%

Production Experience

We are also engaged in the creative production, such as Immaking, TVC and also PSA and other audio visual production. In production of audio-visual, we have a special team with three main composition angle system (producer, director and writer) which are supported by competent and well known team in Indonesian Im industries. So, we are guaranting that the result of audio visual quality be corresponded with regulations.

We are able to present a visual audio different from others, because creativity and quality are the most important for us. From that we are trying to interpret our company attractively and easily to understand and has the allure for anyone who sees the result.

Value of The Production Projects

We did the works value 200 Milion until 5 Bilion Rupiah and the successful persentation was 99%

Event Experiences
Value of The Events
Advertising Experiences
Value of The Advertising Projects
Production Experience
Value of The Production Projects

Blog & News

Our Experience

  • Arsenal vs Indonesia by Telkomsel
  • Telkomsel Popcorn Launching
  • Telkomsel Press Conference
  • Launching T-Cash
  • Telkomsel 21st, 22nd, 23rd Anniversary
  • Kartu Halo Golf Tournament
  • NYX Opening Store at Senayan City
  • L'oreal Employee IT Day 2017
  • L'oreal Beauty for a Better Life
  • Bali Spirit Festival
  • Java Jazz Festival
  • Kids Trip To Singapore by Garuda Indonesia Airlines
  • Ubud Writers & Readers Festival
  • Gentlement Golf Invitation 1 & 2
  • Weekly Senayan Golf Tournament
  • Festival Kampoeng Indonesia
  • Vaseline Blogger Gathering

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